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Rational knowledge Date: Jun 10th @ 10:29pm EDT
Rational knowledge in the person of the learned and the wise denies the meaning of life, and huge masses of people, all of humanity â" recognize this meaning in irrational knowledge. And this irrational knowledge is faith
Such a beautiful Date: Jun 10th @ 12:19am EDT
Such a beautiful day and the world around beautiful want to smile and just enjoy every day . I will be happy if you'll smile coming to my room . Tell me what you think, tell me your fantasies and desires and they will come true .
Man as an individual Date: Jun 8th @ 9:43pm EDT
Today on the street Date: Jun 6th @ 12:36am EDT
Today on the street all day rain and it is not pleasing to me . But it's nothing I'm wrapped in a blanket, turned on your favorite movies and eat cake with a delicious tea . In General, no regrets I was very comfortable and well at home .
Good morning everyone.. Date: Jun 3rd @ 12:30am EDT
Good morning everyone glad to see you ))) Yesterday was a busy day and very dark of course it was raining and the street did not want to go as thought so I'm on the street come summer . It was so cold and slush, but my friends still didn't let me get bored at home and we went to the Mall.
Old oddities. Date: May 31st @ 11:58pm EDT
You know, old people have their old oddities. My grandma collects things in the hospital puts everything into packages calls an ambulance and refusing to go to hospital. And so every six months.
Recently .... Date: May 26th @ 9:25pm EDT
Recently, I was walking around the city with my friends but I do not like to sit at home is very boring and we sat in a cafe . And we went to the cinema for pirates of the Caribbean was great fun . I liked it very much when I got home I immediately fell asleep probably from exhaustion .
The beauty of new acquaintances Date: May 24th @ 10:10pm EDT
Yesterday was a wonderful Date: May 21st @ 9:36pm EDT
Yesterday was a wonderful night I was out with some friends and we visited museums . We drank some alcohol and it was great fun . It was so warm and beautiful I was mesmerized by the colours of spring and the beauty of the night lights gave the night a magical explanation.
Hello everyone Date: May 18th @ 9:37pm EDT
Hello everyone I want to tell you how I recently went with my friends in a very interesting cafe, I was so impressed with the fact that there is no light . I'm not kidding, we even had to eat with my hands it was so unusual I recommend you all try it is very healthy I loved .
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