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Friends Date: Nov 12th @ 11:39pm EST
My friend is going to get a tattoo with the name of his girlfriend. I told him: if you want, marry her, make bb with her, but, buddy, a tattoo is forever
As the weight Date: Sep 14th @ 8:39pm EDT
In the world Date: Sep 13th @ 8:21pm EDT
Blouse Date: Jul 23rd @ 12:27am EDT
In a poor but honest family of alcoholics lived a beautiful girl. She lived quietly and never complained. She was so quiet that everyone had forgotten her, but sometimes wondered who's that in the corner in a blue shirt. And the girl grew and grew, dumb and stooped, and quietly enjoyed life.
But once she began to notice that the jacket wants to strangle her. She wanted to remove her blouse, but his hands have forgotten how to move, and hump all the time prevented. And the older you get the girl, the more and more choked blouse girl.
And that became the girl in red girl. And all is good, but here's the problem: very tight her blouse squeezed. Wheezed fair maiden and even blue.
- Dad, dad, help! My shirt is choking!
Surprised, the father, from where the unknown voice came from, scratched his head and thought he had another attack of delirium tremens. And the girl, all breathy.
- Father, mother, save!
Then his father jump as you will drink a glass of green wine and brightened in his head. He took a sharp object and started you planning on slitting the jacket until he was left from the blouse some scraps.
When the girl was buried, the father we remembered the jacket he gave the girl on the very first day of birth. Drunk hit it head on the coffin and says:
- Forgive me, dear, that I later thought of you! And you do not have time to buy pants!!!
The man asked the angel Date: Jul 19th @ 12:11am EDT
The man asked the angel: â" Want, I'll show you your life? "Yes," said the man. The angel lifted him above the ground and the man saw all his life and two pairs of traces, coming next. â" Who's with me? â" I accompany you your whole life. â" And why it sometimes is visible only one pair of footprints? Is the most difficult times of your life...â" says the angel. â" What, you threw me in the most difficult moments ? â" No, I carried you in my arms... quietly, angel said. Let your angel will always be there.
A woman calls Date: Jul 17th @ 11:35pm EDT
A woman calls a dietitian:
â" Doctor, I think I'm overweight.
â" Why do you think so?
â" Yes here, today I bought a talking scale and weighed them.
And what they told you?
They said, "one, please."
surgeon Date: Jul 14th @ 11:54pm EDT
A neighbor working in the emergency room doctor, once the evening comes and says such a case. Came a man,said that it had swallowed five rubles. ask him, they say how it happened, he says he lost at dominoes and the loser had to swallow a fiver. Well, I explained to him that in fact coin, and so find a way to leave his body and out of curiosity I asked him where he managed to lose? It turned out that was sitting at home, bored and began to play dominoes with himself. A couple of times was a fish, then lost. The emergency room of course was shaking from laughter, this idiot see not yet exist, although the people we have and the idiocy talented too.
Live Date: Jul 12th @ 10:15pm EDT
Wisdom Date: Jul 9th @ 12:23am EDT
Wisdom often entails loneliness. The sage is good alone in your own society, alone with his thoughts, but the truly wise man does not turn away from people being in the thick of things, though his happiness and concluded in peace
When we go inside ourselves Date: Jul 8th @ 10:29pm EDT
When we go inside ourselves, we know that our essence, our very being, is love. All we can do is to share your love with them and others, transforming her expression into the process, and live as much as possible in accordance with this process of love. Our love is a never-ending job. We constantly clean it, nurture, sharpen and enhance. So we, at least, I think. We at the same time know that in fact love itself constantly cleans, nurtures, enhances and hones us. We try to be diligent students of love. In this place we get off the chair and sit next to you in class.
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