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Respect is not fear and awe Date: Jul 3rd @ 10:59pm EDT
Respect is not fear and awe, is the ability to see the person for what it is and understand its unique personality... I want my loved one to grow and develop for its own sake, in its own way, and not to serve me. If I love another person, I feel unity with him, but for what it is, not as I wish it were, as tools for my purposes.
Beginning Date: Jun 30th @ 11:42pm EDT
Phone rang and rang. She closed her eyes and sighed. What to do?
Some part of her being wanted to surrender to his violent fantasies. She hesitantly twisted the gold
the ring on the ring finger of his right hand and looked at his watch. To eleven Bob usually does not happen.
She slowly picked it up.
â" Okay, only once, she said to him. But more than ever
The deep need Date: Jun 29th @ 10:59pm EDT
The only people capable Date: Jun 27th @ 12:21am EDT
The only people capable of real love, and can experience strong grief. The need to love is for them anti-grief, healing them. From this moral human nature more enduring nature of the physical.
Tormented by the passions of the soul full of fire Date: Jun 24th @ 9:05pm EDT
Tormented by the passions of the soul full of fire. These will incinerate anything in its way. Devoid of mercy cold as ice. These will freeze anyone who they will meet. Those who are attached to things like rotten water and rotten wood: life has gone from them. These will never be able to make good or to make another happy.
Close to the heart of the castle Date: Jun 22nd @ 10:16pm EDT
All salute. Date: Jun 21st @ 9:01pm EDT
Everything we have Date: Jun 17th @ 10:42pm EDT
Everything we have can be lost at any minute, even per second. Second... is So small relative to the clock, and so much on the realization that it will never happen again. A second before, he still loved and artfully pretended, making it the second after you are absolutely wrong.
First walk Date: Jun 12th @ 10:22pm EDT
First walk, do not notice, then go, see, wink...careful fit, know invited. Look time sit. come, believe, grieve. see, smile, say nothing, take hand, holding. kiss, nervously smoke. know let go, let go and forget!
Rational knowledge Date: Jun 10th @ 10:29pm EDT
Rational knowledge in the person of the learned and the wise denies the meaning of life, and huge masses of people, all of humanity â" recognize this meaning in irrational knowledge. And this irrational knowledge is faith
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