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I think) Date: Oct 2nd @ 11:25pm EDT
Even ten minutes of serious thinking per day will have a profound effect on the quality of your life.
life Date: Oct 1st @ 10:26pm EDT
When we surround ourselves with good people and good thoughts - life begins to change for the better
fantasy Date: Sep 28th @ 6:59pm EDT
Did you have sex in the car? This is quite extreme. Other people can see you. But if you go where there is no one, it's even romantic
friendship Date: Sep 28th @ 12:01am EDT
Nothing replaces an old friendship. Years do not add friends, they take them away, bred on different roads. Currently experiencing a friendship to rupture, fatigue, allegiance. The circle of friends is thinning, but there is nothing more precious than those who remain.
)) Date: Sep 27th @ 2:03am EDT
A person always strives to be an owner. People need to have houses in their name, cars with the right of the owner, their own companies and spouses, chained with a stamp in the passport.
Quote Date: Sep 25th @ 5:45pm EDT
The best way to find something is to just stop looking, and the best way to wait for something is to stop waiting.
life Date: Sep 25th @ 12:18am EDT
Nothing in this life comes easy. To achieve your goals you need to make certain sacrifices-to spend your time, to limit yourself in anything. Sometimes there are times when you want to give up everything and give up dreams. At such moments, remember how much you will get if you go further and how much you will lose if you give up. The price of success is usually less than the price of failure.
mens Date: Sep 23rd @ 3:23am EDT
Men always come back. This is their nature: to achieve love, to lose interest, to quit, and then return. Moreover, they want to return when you are not interested, when life is in order and met a new love. And here he is calling you or accidentally meets on the street, offers see. And really want to do that. Because memories come.
Do you like travelling? Date: Sep 20th @ 3:24pm EDT
Do you like travelling? And where would you like to go on a trip? A lot of people and a lot of different opinions. Someone wants heat and sun, and someone on the contrary chooses to rest in a colder climate. Well, there are those who vyberete to the mountains to relax from the urban bustle. What did you choose?
friend Date: Sep 19th @ 6:01pm EDT
Everything in our life comes and goes: money, work, things. Only people stay with us. And, only those people who are dear to us and who are dear to us. And often much closer relatives and in some ways even loved ones, become friends. Friendship is an indicator of how interesting, important and valuable people are to each other. The main qualitative indicators of friendship are such things as trust, tolerance, mutual understanding, mutual respect, the ability to meet and help, to be close in a difficult situation. True friendship is much more than just pleasant communication in a cheerful company. I really hope that in this age of technology you have at least one true friend
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