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Blog Date: Oct 18th @ 1:49am EDT
Sometimes, you just need to rest and remind yourself who you are and who you want to be.
Autumn Date: Oct 16th @ 7:43pm EDT
Autumn is the time of year when people have to warm each other with their words, their feelings, their lips... and then no cold will be terrible.
About myself Date: Oct 13th @ 8:02pm EDT
For me, money just makes my life more comfortable, but does not replace life itself. There are a lot of things that money doesn't buy.
Life :) Date: Oct 13th @ 12:14am EDT
You do not need permission to lead, create or think differently from other people.
true Date: Oct 10th @ 1:56am EDT
It is better to always know the truth than to believe in a lie. Yes?
way to success Date: Oct 6th @ 10:35pm EDT
Our big drawback is that we give up too quickly, I think the surest way to success is to try it all the time
hello Date: Oct 6th @ 2:37am EDT
I am an ordinary person with ordinary thoughts and lived an ordinary life. I don't put up a monument, and my name will soon be forgotten, and yet I know love, and that's enough for me.
life Date: Oct 5th @ 5:00am EDT
I make many mistakes in life, like other people. Life unfortunately without instructions and without saving
happy Date: Oct 4th @ 2:18am EDT
To make life happy, you need to love everyday little things. The radiance of clouds, the rustle of bamboo, the chirping of a flock of sparrows, the faces of passers â" in all these everyday little things you need to find the highest pleasure.
I think) Date: Oct 2nd @ 11:25pm EDT
Even ten minutes of serious thinking per day will have a profound effect on the quality of your life.
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